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What we can do for you 

We take the hassle out of starting up & running your own Limited Company.


      Getting started

  • Set up your limited company with Companies House including formation fee
  • Provide assistance with setting up your company’s bank account.
  • Register your company for PAYE.
  • Complete and file the VAT Application for Registration. Apply to join the Flat Rate Scheme if appropriate.
  • Complete the Company’s form CT41G and file with HMRC





  • Assist with the preparation of your sales invoices
  • Process your expenses
  • Produce and submit VAT return.
  • Provide  payroll services
  • Send you email confirmation of your VAT and PAYE liabilities.
  • Produce management report for the purpose of determining dividend payments. Produce minutes of meeting and dividend vouchers
  • Provide company secretarial services
  • Access to account manager and Accountant
  • Deal with  HMRC



  • Produce forms P35, P14 and P11d, submit   to HMRC.
  • Produce forms P60 and  send  to the Company’s employees
  • Produce accounts for the company and submit to you for approval. On agreement file a copy with HMRC and Companies House
  • Prepare and submit form CT600 corporation tax return to HMRC.
  • Notify you of your corporation tax liability and payment reminder
  • Complete and submit Annual Return to Companies House including filing fee
  • Complete and submit your annual tax return.

The above is based on a Limited Company with 2 employees (including Directors) we can quote for higher numbers as required. 

Just give us a call to discuss your requirements.

All your requirements for a flat monthly fee starting from £120+ VAT...


No hidden charges or fees.