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Why choose a Limited Company?

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There are many options open to you when you choose to work as a contractor; however setting up a Limited Company is by far the most tax efficient way of working.

Running your own Limited Company allows you to withdraw the funds from your company as dividends rather than receiving your contract income as a salary, this can legally reduce your tax liability and significantly increase your take home.  In fact an average contractor can improve their take home by 10% when compared to PAYE.

You can also offset legitimate business expenses such as travel, computer equipment, the costs of running an office and even the fees we charge you against your tax bill!

Many contractors also enjoy the credibility that comes with being a Director of a Limited Company, it can undeniably open doors with many end clients and large organisations who will only deal with contractors who are operating through a Limited Company.

It can allow you to trade under a brand and can prove to be an excellent way to grow your business from a one person company to one that employs many talented people servicing multiple end clients.

That’s the upside so you may be quite rightly asking yourself why doesn’t everyone choose to run their own Limited Company then?

In a nutshell the time and administration involved in setting up and running a limited company can be extremely off putting. The rules around running your own Limited Company and the steps you need to take to maximise its efficiency can be incredibly confusing.

This can not only put off those who are new to contracting, but we find that even experienced hands struggle to juggle the administration alongside fulfilling their contract

So that’s where we come in, we can deal with the down side so that you can enjoy the benefits of a Limited Company. From Company set up, day to day administration, right through to company accounts and your tax return; we can handle it all for you so you can concentrate on what matters most to you.

Our services start from as little as £120+ VAT a month. Remember you are able to offset this fee against your tax bill, which means in reality, it costs you even less than you think.

If you’re still not sure a Limited Company is for you we can discuss your questions or talk through other options that may suit you better; just give us a call for a no obligation chat.




All this at a competitive starting price of from£120 +VAT per month

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